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First Meeting of the Year - Thursday, March 1st


thursday, march 1st
90 West Redwood Avenue
Fort Bragg

We'd like to invite you to our first Chapter meeting of 2018.  We have a lot of work to do to protect our coast, and we need your help. We're working on some robust goals for 2018, including expanding our Blue Water Task Force water testing, implementing our Ocean Friendly Restaurants program, continuing to partner with Noyo Center for Marine Science on community events, and of course, many beach clean-ups.

Over-arching all of these programs is our current big push to raise opposition against newly proposed offshore oil drilling. This is a huge threat to our local ecosystem, migrating marine mammals, and all of us living and working on the coast. But there is a lot we can do to create a formidable political blockade to stop this destructive plan.

We are looking for Core Volunteers motivated by a strong desire to protect our marine environment.  You don't need to be a member to join us -- there are many ways to get involved and we welcome any time or special skills you have to devote to our efforts. See you there!