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April 2019 Meeting Minutes

Surfrider Foundation Mendocino County Chapter Board Meeting
April 25, 2019 @ Princess Seafood in Fort Bragg

Present: Nicole, Mark, Shan, Maxine, Glad, John, Marvel, Dave, and Sean

Social Media: is going well…

Treasurer’s Report: Bank Account back at Community First Credit Union

Blue Water Task Force: Dave is trained and ready to start testing water. We discussed other things we could test for (acidity, salinity, pesticides) if/when we get funding to expand our water testing. Walt and Dave are covering for Eleas while he is away.

Navy SEIS: Nicole and Shan plan on attending the community meeting with the Navy. Our chapter opposes the increase in testing activity. Nicole spoke with InterTribal Sinkyone Wilderness Council folks, and expressed our support in their efforts to negotiate an exemption of California waters. The Tribal Council has been working on this since 2005, and we will send a letter to the Navy expressing our support of the Tribal Council.

Hands Across the Sand: Nicole will register the event with HATS, and Glad will facilitate the event. Glad will push it on Facebook, and submit to Visit Mendocino. Nicole will write a letter to other ocean advocacy organizations in the area, inviting them to participate. The event will be at Pudding Creek.

Youth Club: We need 12 kids to create the club. Kids would probably focus on beach clean-ups and reducing plastic waste.

Earth Day Beach Clean Up Report: 110 lbs of trash collected from Noyo Harbor Beach.

T-Shirts: Still looking for organic cotton t-shirts.

Fulcrum & Noyo Center: Nicole will meet with Sheila on May 1.

International Surfing Day is 6/21 or 6/22
Next meeting will be a Beach Bonfire at Big River Beach on May 23