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September 2018 Meeting Minutes

Surfrider Mendocino Chapter

Board and Core Volunteer Meeting

Sept 27, 2018

Present: Pam, Diane, Dave, Brennan, Tamera, Nicole, Glad, John, Marvel

Need a new Secretary: Glad will do

Social Media: Glad has been posting and it looks good on FB


Water testing: The county tests April to mid Oct, we get the data in one chunk. Eleas enters it onto the Blue Water Task Force.

We want to try and get the data on a regular basis, Glad will call the county and ask to be emailed every week.

We will look into creating our own lab so we can do the testing ourselves. Glad will ask Rincon Surfriders how they got the funding. Possibility of partnering with Noyo Center.


Help the Kelp: Dave and Nicole went to Coastal Commission and did a 10 min presentation on the Kelp situation. The audience and commissioners were unaware of the severity of the kelp die off. is still tracking kelp sightings. One needs to reister to use the site, but it is a great way to participate. We discussed the idea of creating a training video on how to ID and record kelp, urchin, and abalone sightings.


Ocean Friendly Restaurant Program. We still have not signed any restaurants up. The 50% discount has been extended until Oct 1. Glad will drop off info and speak with Regine from Poleeko Roadhouse in Philo.


Found Objects Photo Contest: Glad will post on FB about this.


New Logo: We added County to the name and logo.


Coastal Clean Up: Ward Ave clean up went well. Not too much garbage as local neighbors pick up trash. Discussed which beaches need a clean up.


Chapter Meetup: West Coast meetup happening in the Spring, but a Northern and Central Ca meetup is happening, and Nicole and Tamera are planning on going.


Glad showed how to find the Lat and Long on the Iphone. Open maps, go to the Info icon, tap Mark My Location, Scroll to find Lat/Long. OR tap on blue location icon and the info should be there too.


Membership Drive: Members need to renew through our website, or give us a check in order for our chapter to get any funds. If folks renew through the Surfrider site, we don’t get anything. November is the member drive. Glad will post about this on FB.


Next meeting Oct 25