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August 2018 Meeting Minutes


Mendocino County Chapter Surfrider Meeting

Thursday, August 23 @ 5:30 pm

Location: North Coast Brewing Co. Taproom & Grill

Present: Walt Dooley, Dave Wright, Leslie, Tamera Beale, Nicole Martensen

5:30-5:35 Welcome & Announcements - Walt would like to add agenda item at end of meeting

5:35-5:40 Organizational Reports

  • Membership –  reminder to encourage members to sign up through our site so we get the rebate
  • Social Media — call for surf pics, material for posts please send to

5:40-5:50 Committee Reports

  •  Blue Water Task Force  — looking at expanding testing to include pH, nitrogen from ag, other contaminants.  Recap of meeting with Noyo Center to collaborate on this project (public outreach, education program, housing a lab). Recap of CA Ocean Acidification & Hypoxia Task Force call today. Contacting CENCOOS & SCOOS along with Steve Weisberg of SCCWRP for more help. 

5:50-7:00 New/Old Business

  • Help The Kelp
  1. Recap positive response from SF HQ about HTK.  HQ following up with California Ocean Protection Council.  Need help with following up with The Ocean Foundation and Ocean Spaces.
  2. invitation to present HTK at CA Coastal Commission mtng Sept 12-14 in Fort Bragg.  max 15 mins/group.  Meeting with Jennifer Savage, SF CA Policy Manager tomorrow about criteria.  Nicole and Dave will present with Sheila Semans.
  3. writing blog post about HTK for SF “Making Waves”
  • Ocean Friendly Restaurants — new criteria, new discounts.  please see  separate sheets.  We review the program criteria. We agree that timing is good for fall to re-approach target restaurants on our list.  Will pick back up in September meeting.
  • New Noyo Center Building — on Main St.  Work party TBA. Need help with Surfrider display.  Noyo wish list: Vacuum, Large Flat Screen TV, Refrigerator, Shelving, Paint, Durable Flooring or Carpet, Tall ladder.
  • New Logo and Brand Stuff — banner and tent cover, compliments of HQ.  Does anyone have a pop-up tent frame?  and velcro weights?
  • Coastal Clean-up Day — Sat, Sept 15 at Ward Ave, 9am-noon.  The Duncans are our beach captains.  Need help with PR.  Contact Mendo Land Trust for posters.  Need track picker-uppers (Jasmine).
  • King Tides — Do we want to host an event for California King Tides this winter? A coalition of governments, non-profits, and individuals come together every year to spread the word about these highest of high tides  and how they can serve as a preview of future sea level rise. December 22 and 23 and January 20 and 21. Yes, we decide to participate.
  • Strange Fish In Weird Places — CSU Monterey Bay study.  Please see poster.  Email me for PDF.
  • Sign The Surfboard — 20 local businesses signed.  Currently in OR. Will make the trip to DC in early 2019.
  • West Coast Chapter Meetup — Sept 30 in Half Moon Bay. Nicole and Tamera going to HMB

7:00 Open discussion - Walt points out chapter website needs updating (fix broken links, post minutes).

Important Dates:

9/15 SAT International Coastal Cleanup Day

9/30 SUN Surfrider NorCal/Central Cal Meet-up

9/27 THURS Chapter Meeting

10/25 THURS Chapter Meeting