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Meeting Minutes - May 24, 2018





Ed Oberwerser, Glad, Char, Marvel,  John, Dave, Jasmine, Nicole, Leslie



-vice chair position is open.

-membership is $25 per year, dues go to Surfrider HQ.

-for Mendocino chapter to get 20% of membership fee, member must sign up on chapter website.


Committee Report:

-data from water testing is now applied to Surfrider database.

-testing at Caspar beach, Virgin Creek, Van Damme State Park and Big River.

-Can we start testing for pesticide run off?


Hands Across the Sand Recap:

-Saturday, May 19th at MacKerricher Beach.

-Protesting for clean water solutions.

-Want to do it again next year.


Ocean-friendly restaurant campaign:

-Possibly bring examples of environmentally friendly products like those from Nexus to show restaurants.

-Find products that are comparable in price to those restaurants are already using.

-Increase or establish time limit for compliance.


Help the Kelp campaign:

-Page up on surfrider.

-Donations go to Noyo Center

-Waterman’s Alliance helping with funding urchin divers

-Rec. Diver portal: upload information about how many urchins, size, etc..

-If we see kelp or cleared forests, report to Rec. Diver portal.

-Ideas for what to do with urchins:

  • Composte
  • Uni sale
  • Urchinomics, get urchin into restaurants

-Co-host fundraiser:

  • Urchin derby?
  • 1st or 2nd week of august
  • Van Damme state Park for location


Letters to larger agencies:

-send letters to dive shops in CA

-send letters to Surfrider HQ.


Kelprr Call:

-subsurface dive shop might close

-get in contact with Sierra Club, Audubon Society.


International Surf Day:

-Beach clean up. 11 am to 1pm. Sell merchandise?

-surf after


Next Steps:

-Urchin Derby:

  • Set date with Sheila from Noyo.
  • Set donation price per bucket.
  • Prices for fastest time, biggest urchin, etc.
  • Liability wavers
  • Check with fish and game on legalities.
  • Hand out flyers