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Agenda - May 2018 Meeting


Mendocino County Chapter Surfrider Meeting & Mixer

Thursday, May 24 @ 5:30 pm

Location: North Coast Brewing Co. Taproom & Grill

5:30-5:40 Welcome & Announcements

5:40-5:45 Organizational Reports

Board member positions - Vice Chair is an open position

Membership –  brief description of membership benefits

5:45-5:55 Committee Reports

 Blue Water Task Force  — new data input

 Hands Across The Sand recap



Ocean Friendly Restaurants - deadline for 50% sign-up discount extended until June 8 to celebrate World Oceans Day.

- Eco-pliant paper straws 

- Nexus - compostable clam-shell to-go containers and compostable cutlery

  Help The Kelp

- our new page and button

- HTK poster

- Rec Diver Rules & Regs

Obtain a valid fishing license

The daily bag limit for purple sea urchin taken while skin or SCUBA diving in state waters off Mendocino and Sonoma Counties is twenty (20) gallons (that’s four 5-gallon buckets full).

You can collect urchin through skin or SCUBA diving, but not by foot on shore.

You can only take urchin, smashing should be avoided.  Smashing at the wrong time may artificially spawn them, making the problem worse.

There is no possession limit for purple sea urchin.

- Noyo’s Rec Diver Portal

- portal

- 2 Important talking points: *If you see a kelp patch, report it, so we can map natural recovery.  *If you do clear, tell us, so we can tease out what is natural recovery and what is human-assisted recovery.

- KELPRR meeting follow-up

- Urchinomics - possibility of Noyo Harbor as site for urchin farming.

- Fund-raising event ideas to partner with Noyo.

- Letter to larger agencies

7:00 Open discussion 

NEXT MEETING:  Thurs, 6/28 at 5:30

Important Dates:

6/08 FRI World Oceans Day

6/16 SAT International Surfing Day

8/22 WED SF 34th Anniversary

9/15 SAT International Coastal Cleanup Day