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Meeting Minutes - 3/29/18

Surfrider Foundation Mendocino Coast Chapter

03/29/18 - Meeting Minutes
Present: Nicole M, Walt D, Dave W, Dave M, Lydia M, Eva H, William H, Cate, Jeff, Dolly G, Mark G, Allen M, Leslie R, Jasmine O, Tamera B, Jessica S, Steve

-Nicole Martensen confirmed as Chair for Mendocino Coast Chapter. (voted in on 11/17/17)
-Mark Gugliuzza confirmed as Treasurer. (voted in on 11/17/17)
-Jasmine Martin voted in as Secretary.
-Dolly Gugliuzza voted in as Social Media Coordinator.
-For Community First Credit Union: Jackie Dooley and Victoria Krause will come off the bank account.  Nicole Martensen and Mark Gugliuzza will be added to the account.

-Blue Water Task Force:
-Starts tuesday, 04/03/18.
-9:30-10am start time.
-Take samples in breakers 100ft. From stream outlet.
-Turn in to environmental health.
-Led by Walt.

- Collapse of Kelp ecosystem along coast:
-Possible campaign to get people to donate abalone license money to Noyo Center’s Help the Kelp efforts.
-Possible write up in newspaper about campaign.
-Fundraising event possibility
-Group forum about ideas on how to use sea urchins outside of meat harvesting.
-Possible urchin derby at Sub Surface Progression.

Goals for 2018:
-Ocean Friendly Restaurants:
-Campaign to get restaurants to be “ocean friendly.”
-Possible restaurants include:
North Coast Brewing Co.—Jessy
The Good Life Café (Teddy) – Jasmine
Cove Coffee – Tamera
Mendocino Café – Jasmine
Tote Fete
Lauren’s – Tamera
Django’s – Jeff
Silver’s – Jeff
Dolphin Isle Marina – Jeff
Stanford Inn/Raven’s –
Headlands Coffee – Steve
Cirino’s Sandwich Shop - Leslie
Oco Time – Nicole

- campaign to encourage people to not use plastic beverage bottles or cups or straws or bags.

New Business:
-Discuss progress on “ocean friendly” restaurant campaign.
-Discuss/ make progress on getting rid of urchins campaign, come up with name for campaign.
-Make more connections to Noyo Center’s “Help the Kelp” campaign.
-Next meeting is 5:30pm, April 26th, 2018 in the Sequoia Room at North Coast Brewery.