June 8, 2017

Surfrider Meeting Minutes – May 27, 2017

Present: Walt, Jackie, Nicole, Dave, Pam, Mark

Agenda Adendum:Walt announces Liquid Fusion Kayak fundraiser for Mendocino County Water Safety Coalition on Sunday, June 25th at 10:00am in Noyo Harbor.

Board member positions postponed

Treasurer’s report – Jackie

  • as of 5/26/17 we have $2,683.29 in our account
  • Jackie continues to deposit $5/year to keep account active
  • Pam volunteers to be second account checker

Membership – review of current members

  • we agree to contact members (first choice is email, will call if email not available) to notify them of International Surfing Day clean-up
  • we need to assign this task

Blue Water Task Force

  • Walt has been testing Virgin Creek weekly April – October
  • Virgin Creek numbers are included in the annual report from Mendocino Environmental Health
  • Nicole contacted Surfrider IT Chris Wilson for help with displaying water quality results on our chapter website. Nat’l is encouraging a new website design that no longer supports the Blue Water Task Force widget.  We concur that a workaround would be to have a link to the Heal the Bay website.  Nicole will generate link.

New Business

  • Dave reports on what he is seeing as local ecosystem collapse.
  • He is deeply alarmed by the kelp forest devastation, loss of sea stars, decreased abalone population and proliferation of purple urchins.
  • Other members have been observing and hearing about these signs as well.
  • We concur that this is a disturbing issue and we agree to research and reach out to contacts that may help us with further information.  Our goal is to educate the community with what is happening. We agree that a visual presentation would be most helpful.  Our to-do list on this issue:
  • Dave is going to contact Fish and Game associate and invite them to show her power point presentation.
  • Dave is going to contact Jerry Kashawata (sp?) abalone biologist
  • Wyatt is going to contact biology professor
  • Wyatt recommends getting in touch with Mischa Hedges of Trim Tab media, film maker from the area who might be interested in making a short video to distribute online.
  • Nicole is going to contact Noyo Center
  • Nicole is going to contact local Audubon and Black Oyster Catcher groups
  • Pam suggests contacting local dive shops for more first-hand accounts
  • Mark suggests contacting Save the Waves
  • It is suggested that we contact Reef Check, a group of citizen scientists
  • We agree that it would be beneficial to meet within 4-6 weeks to report back with our findings.
  • Nicole will send out Doodle poll with potential meeting times.

Partnering with Noyo Center, education presentations in local schools, Ocean Friendly Gardens: we agree that the first order of business is the above campaign.  Some of this may involve collaborating with Noyo Center.  We will inform Noyo Center of our 2017 events and possibly co-host a post 4th of July beach clean-up with them.

Beach Access – There are no current access issues

International Surfing Day June 17 – 1-3pm we are meeting at Big River Beach at the bottom of the stairs near the volleyball courts.  Nicole will reach out to Sarah Damron and request materials from Nat’l.  We need to arrive by 12:30 to set-up.

International Coastal Clean-up Day, September 29 – Nicole will reach out to Mendocino Land Trust for list of beaches covered by clean-up crews.

January 24, 2015

Surfrider Meeting Minutes – December 13, 2014

Present: Walt, Nicole, Bob, Mark, Pam, Dave

Jackie continues on as Treasurer. We viewed current checkbook and most recent bank statement around showing an expenditure of $250 to Surfrider for RAP – Rise Against Plastics.

Pam said she had a request in to Christian Snyder to Surfrider HQ for a new membership list.

Blue Water Task Force – Walt announced that Blue Water testing is complete for the year

Coastal Access GP– Dave talked about the new path through the old GP mill site, path goes from the Trestle bridge to Soldier Bay.

Bob talked about the holding pond dam and pollutants on the GP mill site.

Coastal Access Hardy Creek – Dave said threatening notes are being found on vehicles. Walt explained that there is a caretaker in the house above Hardy Creek who may be responsible.

An alternate route along the rocks was discussed. Bob suggested getting a GPS and marking a legal trail. Dave offered to contact Cal Trans to obtain State right-of-way info.

Navy Testing – Nicole said her appointment with Zack Smith had not happened and that the Navy has to re-draft its proposal and publicize it.

Website – Nicole reported that one topic from the September 2014 conference was for chapters’ websites to migrate to the Surfrider hosted website template. Pros – widgets for water testing, etc. Cons – ?

Walt had talked with Andy about his being the gatekeeper of our chapter website. Nicole has no control over some of the existing hard-coded website. Walt explained to the meeting about the progression of the website from Eric to Andy.

Nicole would like to migrate to the Surfrider template. Walt agreed that it would look more professional.

A move to change our website to the Surfrider website was approved.

New Business – $250 Donation to Ban the Bag

Conference update – Nicole got an update from regional director Sarah Damron. Surfrider wants to know if we would like more connection among the North Coast chapters. Suggestion was made for a North Coast forum on the ChapterNet. Sarah also wanted to hear our interest in a quarterly conference call. We unanimously decided that neither the ChapterNet forum nor the conference call is necessary. Bob suggested requesting a quarterly report from National or Regional that could sum up current activity on the North Coast.

Surfrider also wanted to know if North Coast chapters want our own Chapter Advisory Council Representative for Northern CA or if we are fine with the current representation including Central CA. We decided unanimously that we are fine the way it is.

Nicole said that Surfrider is urging a bigger push for more local chapter membership. National wants local chapters to update membership lists and stay current.

Pam is to verify membership preferences as to location for the Mendocino chapter and to find out if Surfrider transfers membership when people move here.

Mercury – Dave says according to Cal State Water Resources tests for mercury in fish shows very high levels – especially rock fish and albacore. He talked about his fishing friends having mercury poisoning from eating fish. He would like Surfrider to champion mercury awareness and awareness around the Fukushima radiation releases. It was suggested that Nicole put any scientific info found about these subjects onto the website.

Walt announced his resignation from the Board effective 12-13-14, which was reluctantly accepted. Gratitude was expressed for his many years of service since the inception of the chapter. The position is now open for nominations.

April 18, 2014

Surfrider Meeting minutes – April 12, 2014

Present: Nicole, Mark, Pam, Jackie, Bob, Dave, Walt

Minutes of January 25th meeting approved

Treasurer’s report – Jackie, no change $2907.00 all potential tsunami debris clean up reimbursement complete

Membership – Pam has latest membership info on Excel. Approximately 45 members in good standing

Blue Water Task Force – Walt and Victoria to alternate weekly testing of Virgin Creek starting with Walt on Tues. April 8th, 2014. All water test samples must be to the Mendocino County Environmental Health dept, by 11:00 AM. 2014 paperwork will be at office for volunteers to sign.

Coastal Access and Enhancement –

  • Virgin Creek – Bob, No change suggested be taken off agenda until there is evidence of a change in status (sales or development activity) group to monitor for change in status.
  •  Smugglers Cove – no report

US Navy Weapons testing West Coast – Nicole reviewed the meeting with Navy representatives on March 7, 2014 in Fort Bragg Ca. was well attended. The Navy has extended their comment period to April 15, 2014. Nicole has been soliciting members and friends to contact local elected officials to enlist support opposing Naval weapons testing off the North Pacific West Coast. The group agreed to sign the Mendocino County Chapter on as a supporter of a NRDC letter opposing the Navy’s proposed testing. Nicole looking to educate and enlist as much support as possible regarding this and will formulate a “Making Waves” article for submission.

Website maintenance and updates- Nicole soliciting input for ways to make our website more interactive. Encouraging members and friends to submit relevant photos for posting to our website. Nicole given “carte blanch” to maintain and improve the website.

Sea Star Pacific Coast Mystery Ailment- Dave explained to the group the most current information regarding the recent sea star “die off” is most likely related to water temperature fluctuation not radiation, and this phenomena has been documented as having occurred before.

International Surfing Day June 20th, 2014- Walt, all permits with State Parks are in place, in process of making sure State Parks Insurance requirements are being met. See you there!

Next meeting will be on International Surfing Day, Friday June 20th at Big River Beach

February 13, 2014

Surfrider Meeting minutes – January 25, 2014

Present: Pam S, Nicole P.M, Jackie D, Walt D.

Minutes of Nov. 2nd meeting approved

Treasurer’s report- Jackie
No change $2649.00 still waiting for $247.48 potential tsunami debris beach clean up reimbursement

Membership – Pam
Still working on retrieving updated list, will try calling National HQ

Blue Water Task Force- no testing until spring 2014

Coastal Access and Enhancement

  • Virgin Creek – no report
  • Smugglers Cove – no report

Coastal Commission Grant potential tsunami debris clean ups completed

Web site maintenance and updates
Nicole willing to pursue web maintenance and updates. Walt will connect Andy, Eric and Nicole

Sea Star Mystery Ailment -no official report

Group reviewed enlisting Cal Fire support to obtain Geiger counter to check local beach radiation levels, Pam to check if feasible

International Surfing Day– all in attendance want to participate and help with Int’l Surfing Day, Friday, June 20th at Big River Beach.

Navel Weapons Testing
Nicole interested in the military’s proposed weapons testing off the Pacific Coast- will send correspondence on dates. Navy representatives will be holding scoping/information meetings locally.

Next meeting and pot luck mixer Sat. April 12th 5:00pm Walt and Jackie’s

August 28, 2013 | 1 Comment

Surfrider Meeting minutes – August 24, 2013

Present: Mark, Dave, Jackie, Walt, Rod, Victoria, and guest speaker Troy
Nicolini (NOAA)

Minutes of last meeting approved

Treasurer’s report – Jackie
There is $2649. in our bank account. We were reimbursed for Tsunami
Clean-up giveaway items. $247. remains to be reimbursed (new T-shirts).

Blue Water task Force – Walt, Victoria
All water tests have been good so far this year. Walt & Victoria continue
to do tests at Virgin Creek.

Coastal Commission Grant tsunami debris beach clean-ups:
Diane Duncan will coordinate the next beach clean-up on Sept. 21.  Jackie
will assist. New T-Shirts will be available!

State Parks Ten Mile Haul Road Project:
Various like-minded groups are opposed to this project. Victoria will
contact one of these local groups to determine our best approach.
Suggestions were Westport group or Cleone group- Dave will investigate this further, and email Victoria. Walt will ask the Land Trust what their position is.

Troy Nicolini from NOAA in Eureka presented weather and buoy report
options, including the Hanson Plot forecasting, which shows swell
direction(s) and size. Cool!

Our next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 2, 5:00, at Walt & Jackie’s.

January 31, 2013

Surfrider Minutes – January 26th, 2013

Present: Pam, Jackie, Walt, Mark, Bob, Victoria, Michael

Minutes of last meeting approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Jackie – No changes in our account. Balance is $2892. Bob will take over Treasurer’s job from Jackie.

Membership Report – No report available. Pam will take over Membership job from Julie.


Blue Water Task Force – Testing will start later this year, in the Spring.
Tentative Water Testers:
Virgin Creek – Victoria, Skip
Hare Creek – Walt
Caspar – Talk to Melissa re. volunteer from Caspar Store

Coastal Access: Virgin Creek – Bob
Bob presented a plan to approach the owner of the two parcels of land where the access trail is located, to see if they would be interested in donating the land to the Golden State Land Conservancy. This could be used as a tax write-off for the current owner. If the Golden State Land Conservancy could gain ownership, it would then organize the sale of the parcel to a private party, to construct a residence, with restrictions preserving open land, an access trail, and parking (or space available for parking at a future time). All members present agreed that this is a good idea, and would be worth a try!

Old Business: Assist MLT with Coastal Trail Monitoring, maintenance and maps – Walt
New Trail Maps were presented.

New Business: Tsunami debris beach clean-ups – Walt
Clean-up plan discussion – The state is funding four clean-up days(Mar./June/Sept./Dec.) in the year 2013. $500. per clean-up day isavailable to the group (from Ca. Coastal Commission).The concept is that this will help monitor what has washed up, as well as
removing any possible debris/trash from the beach. Pam will look into borrowing a geiger counter. Michael will talk to Andy about creating a T-Shirt for volunteers.

Our Next Meeting: Sat., April 27, 5:00

October 24, 2012 | 1 Comment

Surfrider Minutes – October 20th, 2012

Present: Dolly & Mark G., Pam, Victoria, Jackie & Walt, Bob W., Rod & Julie, Dave W.

Minutes of last meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Jackie: No financial activity.

Membership – Julie: Surfrider computers are down.

Committee Reports:
Blue Water Task Force –
Rodney, Victoria
It was recommended (by majority vote) that we reduce testing to once a month. Walt will contact Frank (from county environmental health) to discuss this proposal. Rodney will not continue as a water tester, so we will need someone else to test at Caspar. Melissa will be contacted, and Walt also offered to do testing, if needed.

Coastal Access – Bob
Virgin Creek Trail properties were discussed.  We will remain optimistic re. eventual acquisition.


Assist MLT with Coastal Trail Monitoring & Maintenance – Walt has helped some. He has forms if others wish to volunteer.

Hands Across the Sand – Pam reports low attendance at Caspar event.

View “trailer” for new Surfrider documentary, “The Twenty.”


Next Meeting: January 26th, 2013 @ 5:00 – Walt & Jackie’s

August 1, 2012

Surfrider Minutes – July 28th, 2012

Present: Pam, Jackie, Walt

Minutes from April 7, 2012 approved

Treasurer’s Report: $2892.00

Membership: No report

Blue Water Task Force: No report

Coastal access and enhancement: No report

MLT Coastal Trail Monitoring & Maintenance: Walt reported on trails he has been visiting and monitoring.

ISD Recap: Walt reviewed ISD was a successful beach clean up and out reach day. Thanks to The Mendocino Beacon we received a front page picture and article.

Green Wave Energy Motion to Intervene: Walt reported the Green Wave energy preliminary permit has been denied by FERC.

Hands across the Sand on August 4th: Pam Sandberg to take charge and coordinate a Hands Across the Sand event on August 4th, 2012 at Caspar Beach; Walt to forward all Surfrider media event info to Pam.

Schedule for Next Meeting: Saturday October 20th at 5:00 p.m.; Walt and Jackie’s

April 12, 2012

Surfrider Minutes – April 7th, 2012

Present: Michael Butler, Dave Wright, Rodney, Julie, Walt, Jackie, Pam, Victoria. Guests present: Louisa from Mendocino Land Trust, Frank from Environmental Health.

Frank K. from Mendocino County Environmental Health reviewed the status of Water Testing. There will be no samples taken in April. The State is still in the process of determining the budget for water testing for 2012. Meanwhile, Victoria & Rodney will continue to be on the Blue Water Task Force as volunteer water testers. When testing resumes, it will continue to be on Tuesdays. Frank requests that anyone who believes they became sick due to polluted ocean should call him directly at Environmental Health.

Treasurer’s Report: Jackie – We have $2892. in checking acct. $25. in savings acct.
Mermaids Carnival at Ledford House made $320. for our Surfrider Chapter.

Membership: Julie – List is not available on computer at this time.

Coastal Access and Enhancement – Virgin Creek: Walt for Bob W. – The State rejected an Appraisal that was done be the Coastal Conservancy. Acquisition is on hold for now.

Mendocino Land Trust Managed Trails: Louisa and Walt – MLT is seeking volunteers to help maintain coastal trails in our area. Please contact Walt if you are interested. Volunteers need to sign release of liability form for MLT. You would also keep notes and submit to MLT quarterly, or as needed, if problems arise. New trail on North side of Hare Creek is in the permit process, and work should begin in the year ahead.

International Surfing Day: We will hold our event on Sat. June 23 at Big River Beach (Official Surfrider day is June 21). Walt & Bob W. will organize. Hours are 2:00 to 6:00. Come join in for beach clean-up and fun!

Green Wave Energy motion to intervene: Dave – This is to inform Surfrider members that the “Green Wave Energy” project is a flawed concept, and will be contested by Dave as such.

Schedule for next meeting: July 28 – 5:00 at Walt & Jackie’s
NOTE: New meeting time (on a test basis) will be 5:00

January 18, 2012

Surfrider Minutes – January 14th, 2012

Present at meeting: Walt, Jackie, Victoria, Bob W., Pat & Linda S., Dave W.

Treasurer’s Report: Jackie – We have $2,542.43 in our checking account. $25. in savings account.

Membership: Julie – Julie email that we have 105 members.

Blue Water Task Force: Victoria, Skip, Rodney, John W. – We expect water testing to resume in April.

Coastal Access & Enhancement: Bob – The acquisition by the state of the two lots at Virgin Creek is currently being held up by a delay in the appraisal process.

New Business:
• Mermaid Carnival at Ledford House: Walt – We will sponsor this event again this year, as a fundraiser for Surfrider Foundation. Come for dinner, or dancing only.  January 19th.

• International Surfing Day: Walt & Bob will coordinate this annual event, to be held at Big River, Saturday June 23, 2:00 to 6:00.

• Assist MLT with Coastal Trail Monitoring & Maintenance: Walt – Volunteers are welcome to get involved in this monitoring & maintenance of the local Coastal Trail. Bob will supply a form.


Our next meeting & potluck is scheduled for Saturday, April 7, 4:00pm, at Walt & Jackie’s

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