Present: Mark, Dave, Jackie, Walt, Rod, Victoria, and guest speaker Troy
Nicolini (NOAA)

Minutes of last meeting approved

Treasurer’s report – Jackie
There is $2649. in our bank account. We were reimbursed for Tsunami
Clean-up giveaway items. $247. remains to be reimbursed (new T-shirts).

Blue Water task Force – Walt, Victoria
All water tests have been good so far this year. Walt & Victoria continue
to do tests at Virgin Creek.

Coastal Commission Grant tsunami debris beach clean-ups:
Diane Duncan will coordinate the next beach clean-up on Sept. 21.  Jackie
will assist. New T-Shirts will be available!

State Parks Ten Mile Haul Road Project:
Various like-minded groups are opposed to this project. Victoria will
contact one of these local groups to determine our best approach.
Suggestions were Westport group or Cleone group- Dave will investigate this further, and email Victoria. Walt will ask the Land Trust what their position is.

Troy Nicolini from NOAA in Eureka presented weather and buoy report
options, including the Hanson Plot forecasting, which shows swell
direction(s) and size. Cool!

Our next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 2, 5:00, at Walt & Jackie’s.