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Surfrider Minutes – October 20th, 2012

Present: Dolly & Mark G., Pam, Victoria, Jackie & Walt, Bob W., Rod & Julie, Dave W.

Minutes of last meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Jackie: No financial activity.

Membership – Julie: Surfrider computers are down.

Committee Reports:
Blue Water Task Force –
Rodney, Victoria
It was recommended (by majority vote) that we reduce testing to once a month. Walt will contact Frank (from county environmental health) to discuss this proposal. Rodney will not continue as a water tester, so we will need someone else to test at Caspar. Melissa will be contacted, and Walt also offered to do testing, if needed.

Coastal Access – Bob
Virgin Creek Trail properties were discussed.  We will remain optimistic re. eventual acquisition.


Assist MLT with Coastal Trail Monitoring & Maintenance – Walt has helped some. He has forms if others wish to volunteer.

Hands Across the Sand – Pam reports low attendance at Caspar event.

View “trailer” for new Surfrider documentary, “The Twenty.”


Next Meeting: January 26th, 2013 @ 5:00 – Walt & Jackie’s

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  1. Nicolet says:


    I just moved to Fort Bragg, I’m an Americorps member with the Dept. of Fish and Game. I was looking for volunteer opportunities through Surfrider, but I couldn’t find contact information. What is the best way to get involved?