April 12, 2012

Surfrider Minutes – April 7th, 2012

Present: Michael Butler, Dave Wright, Rodney, Julie, Walt, Jackie, Pam, Victoria. Guests present: Louisa from Mendocino Land Trust, Frank from Environmental Health.

Frank K. from Mendocino County Environmental Health reviewed the status of Water Testing. There will be no samples taken in April. The State is still in the process of determining the budget for water testing for 2012. Meanwhile, Victoria & Rodney will continue to be on the Blue Water Task Force as volunteer water testers. When testing resumes, it will continue to be on Tuesdays. Frank requests that anyone who believes they became sick due to polluted ocean should call him directly at Environmental Health.

Treasurer’s Report: Jackie – We have $2892. in checking acct. $25. in savings acct.
Mermaids Carnival at Ledford House made $320. for our Surfrider Chapter.

Membership: Julie – List is not available on computer at this time.

Coastal Access and Enhancement – Virgin Creek: Walt for Bob W. – The State rejected an Appraisal that was done be the Coastal Conservancy. Acquisition is on hold for now.

Mendocino Land Trust Managed Trails: Louisa and Walt – MLT is seeking volunteers to help maintain coastal trails in our area. Please contact Walt if you are interested. Volunteers need to sign release of liability form for MLT. You would also keep notes and submit to MLT quarterly, or as needed, if problems arise. New trail on North side of Hare Creek is in the permit process, and work should begin in the year ahead.

International Surfing Day: We will hold our event on Sat. June 23 at Big River Beach (Official Surfrider day is June 21). Walt & Bob W. will organize. Hours are 2:00 to 6:00. Come join in for beach clean-up and fun!

Green Wave Energy motion to intervene: Dave – This is to inform Surfrider members that the “Green Wave Energy” project is a flawed concept, and will be contested by Dave as such.

Schedule for next meeting: July 28 – 5:00 at Walt & Jackie’s
NOTE: New meeting time (on a test basis) will be 5:00

April 3, 2012

Surfrider Meeting – April 7, 2012 @ 4:00 p.m.

4:00 pm   Welcome /Opening Comments
Announcements and Correspondence
Agenda additions & changes
Review /Acceptance last meeting minutes
Organizational Reports
Treasurer’s report  – Jackie
Membership – Julie

4:10 Committee Reports
Special Guest Frank K – Mendocino County Environmental Health
• Review 2012 Water testing
Blue Water Task Force – Rodney, Victoria
Coastal Access and Enhancement
• Virgin Creek – Bob
• Smugglers Cove – John W

4:30 Old Business
Recap Mermaids Carnival – Jackie
Assist MLT with Coastal Trail Monitoring & maintenance – Walt

5:00 New Business
International Surfing Day  Wed. June 23  2012 – Walt, Bob
Green Wave Energy motion to intervene – Walt, Dave

5:30 Open discussion

5:40 Closing Comment
Schedule next meeting