August 27, 2010

Upcoming Mendo Surfrider events

Annual Moat Creek Surf Contest; Saturday September 11 @ 9:00am
Be at Moat Creek prior to 9:00am for registration. Contest is a fundraiser hosted by the Moat Creek Management Agency to fund maintenance of the Moat Creek access.

Saturday September 25 is California Coastal Clean up Day
The Mendocino County Chapter of The Surfrider Foundation will be sponsoring the Beach Clean Up at Ward Ave Beach again this year. The Clean up will start at 9:00am and end at 11:30am. Surfers bring your board and wetsuit sometimes there’s a good wave! Hope to see you there!

The Next Mendocino County Chapter Surfrider Meeting is November 6th 2010, 4:00pm at Walt and Jackie’s (potluck mixer)

August 18, 2010

Surfrider meeting agenda

Surfrider Mtg. and Potluck Mixer
Saturday August 21, 2010 @ 4:00 pm

4:00 pm   Welcome /Opening Comments
• Announcements and Correspondence
• Agenda additions & changes

Review /Acceptance last meeting minutes

Organizational Reports
• Treasurer’s report  – Jackie
• Membership

4:10 Committee Reports
• Blue Water Task Force-Jack C, Rodney, Victoria
• Environmental Health Dept. posting protocol – Walt for Bill
• Coastal Access and Enhancement
• Virgin Creek – Bob
• Smugglers Cove- Kevin, Bob, John W, Bill C

4:30 Old Business
• MLPA – Dave W
• Chapter Web site and Blog –
• Volunteer Coordinator and member recruitment “mixers”
• Starr Community Center tiles- Victoria, Jackie, Made
• Surfrider support of Hare Creek MLT Acquisition (Beach planning Team w/MLT)  volunteers, review – Walt
• Green Wave Mendocino Wave Energy update  – Walt

5:00 New Business
• Bench at Virgin Creek – Kevin
• Dead pine tree removal Mill Creek Rd / Virgin Creek Trail –Kevin, Pam
• Approve Web maintenance fee to Andy

5:30 Open discussion

5:40 Closing Comment

Schedule next meeting