December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

December 13, 2009

December meeting minutes

Surfrider Foundation Meeting
Dec. 12, 2009 – 4:00 pm – Walt and Jackie’s house

Present:  Sean G. Kristi V, Victoria, Walt & Jackie, Julie, Jack C., Bea, Bill W., Mark G., John & Melissa W., Tamira J (Mendocino Land Trust), Drew, Bill C & Colleen C, Dave W., Michael & Agnes, Pam, Bob & Joan W, Jason W

Minutes of last meeting approved.

Treasurer’s Report (Jackie) – $2,928 in our account.

Membership Report (Julie) – 55 people are current. Julie will contact main Surfrider office, and request a reminder be sent to shirkers.

Blue Water Task Force (Victoria) – No water tests till spring.

Coastal Access; Smugglers Cove – Kevin was not at the meeting, and did not send a report.  Tamara from the Mendo. Land Trust mentioned that an access trail had been offered by a private party, but the county had rejected the offer due to environmental sensitivity (the base of trail runs through a creek). Bill Cull has volunteered to look into the above (Temple property access trail), and other possible trail access as previously discussed).

Old & New Business:

Dave Wright reported on the progress of the MLPA project in our area.

Tile donation for Starr Center – A motion was made and seconded to contribute $550 to the Aquatic Center, which will give us four 6″x6″ tiles on the Donors Wall. We voted to use the chapter logo, enlarged on a 4-tile arrangement, with Surfrider Foundation in text at the bottom. Victoria will contact Andy to bring the design to the correct format. Andy, Pam & Victoria will collaborate on this project.

Hare Creek Acquisition (Tamara) – Mendocino Land Trust is purchasing the property for conservation and public access (north side of beach).  Note: Access on south will remain as it is. Originally, the trail on the south was established by the land developer for homeowners’ access. MLT will manage beach and trail maintenance. Surfrider Chapter has offered to help MLT.

Church Parking lot at Big River Beach – Part of the arrangement when this land was given to the church was that it be available for public beach parking and trail access. A “no camping” sign has been posted to discourage overnight campers, and chapter members are encouraged to pick up trash and help keep the trail and parking lot nice.

North Coast Marine Sanctuary – Walt reported to group. He met with Jeb Berman from Mike Thompson’s office. The purpose of the Marine Sanctuary proposal is to add protection against Offshore Oil drilling.

Coastal Trail update (Tamara) – There will be a trail symposium on January 9. Go to for further information. Or

NEXT MEETING: APRIL 3, 4:00 – Walt & Jackie’s

December 7, 2009

Surfrider meeting agenda

Surfrider Meeting and Potluck Mixer
Saturday, December 12, 2009 @ 4:00 p.m.

4:00 p.m. – Welcome/Opening Comments
Announcements and correspondence
Agenda additions and changes
Review/Acceptance last meeting minutes

4:10 – Committee Reports
Blue Water Task Force – Jack C., Rodney, Victoria
Coastal Access and Enhancement
Virgin Creek – Bob
Smugglers Cove – Kevin, Bob

4:30 – Old Business
MLPA – Dave W.
Chapter website and blog – Andy, Eric B.
Volunteer Coordinator and member recruitment “mixers” – Andy, all
Coastal Enhancement projects – All

5:00 – New Business
Hare Creek Acquisition by MLT – Tamira
Surfrider support of Hare Creek MLT acquisition – Walt, all
Coastal Trail update – Tamira
Church parking lot @ Big River access, challenges and law enforcement – Walt

5:30 – Open Discussion

5:40 – Closing comment
Schedule next meeting