May 30, 2009

New proposal aims to shut down California state parks

It’s no secret that California is barely keeping its head above water in these tough economic times. Now there is a new proposal that would seek to eliminate all general fund money from the California state park system, resulting in the closure of up to 220 state parks (beaches and historic sites) over the next two years. In Mendocino County, there are 16 parks that have made the list.

The Legislature’s Budget Conference Committee will meet on Tuesday, June 2 to consider this new proposal. If you cherish your state parks and believe they are an asset to our community, please take action now.

May 14, 2009

PG&E decides to drop local wave energy plan

According to today’s Advocate-News, after years of meetings and controversies surrounding PG&E’s proposed offshore wave energy plant, the utility has decided to abandon its plan. Apparently PG&E will hold on to it’s exclusive claim to the waters off Fort Bragg for now, but will eventually release that claim at a later date.

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